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Turning B2B Founders into highly skilled sales pros.

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Hey, I’m Brian Ondrako and I’m on a mission to help B2B Founders without a sales background to become better sellers. The Sales training industry exclusively focuses on larger organizations with big budgets. This often means that bootstrapped Founders are on their own to learn how to sell.

But, I’ve created a hyper-specific way for B2B founders with a “non-sales” background to close business without the high-end sales training ticket price. I’ve spent years learning what it takes to bring in the highest quality leads and gain more confidence throughout the sales process.

After 12+ years in top-performing sales roles, I’ve learned what not to do so you don’t have to. Now, any B2B Founder can learn the skills to sell that will maximize new client acquisition without needing a large sales team to do it.

Don’t throw in the towel on your sales ability just yet.

We’ll use your unique abilities to turn you into a confident seller and bring in the best clients for your business. Let’s get started!

Founders are so focused on the day-to-day business operations that they forget they must make money.

That’s where I step in to help.

Unlike traditional “sales training” that shoehorns you into a methodology, we work together to utilize the tools that are innate to you and build a foundation that you can grow upon.

Sales is a skill anyone can learn but you have to fit it around who you are versus adopting some methodology, tactics, or scripts and expecting them to stick.

Sales Mentorship

Hyper-focused coaching on all aspects of the sales process so you can build confidence with any client interaction.

Pipeline Management

Understanding your Pipeline lifecycle and managing it accordingly will help you forecast potential clients and eliminate wasting time with others.

Systems / Tools Analysis

We’ll audit the current systems you use and build a well-rounded tech stack so you can work effectively and efficiently.

Proposals & Presentations

Crafting Proposals, Engaging Presentations and Negotiating & Budgeting are vital to accelerating your sales opportunities and building rapport with a potential client.

Sales Mentorship Programs

Pricing/month includes:

Weekly Mentorship Calls

Tactical Sales Training

Pipeline Review Calls

Slack Channel Access

Office Hours Access

Content Library Access

Topics include but are not limited to:

CRM / Systems Analysis

Establishing a Sales Process

Prospecting / Referral Selling

Demos / Presentations

Negotiation / Pricing

Call Etiquette / Communications

Building Value / Rapport

Asking For The Business

Creating Raving Fans

Accelerate Your Sales Pipeline

In this hyper-course, we walk through what to think about at each stage of the sales process to know if you are on track with your buyers.

This course is for anyone who has trouble knowing what stage their buyer is in, continually has deals stuck, or is looking to understand how to structure their sales process.

Asking The Right Sales Questions

In this hyper-course, we walk through the best questions you should be asking your potential buyers at various stages of their buying process.

This course is geared toward anyone who doesn’t know what questions to ask to drive qualified opportunities, expose details important to the buying process, or shorten their sales cycle.

Ready to fill your pipeline and kickstart your sales conversations?